History of the area

Poręba - a historical outline

The first mention of the town comes from 1403. Due to the efforts of the knight Marcin Birowy from Przybienice in 1451, the existing settlement was transferred to German law. For centuries, it was a noble property - in the sixteenth century, the Jordans from Zakliczyn and then other families ruled it. In 1581, a small glassworks was mentioned in Poręba.

In later centuries, the inhabitants of Poreba stayed with what nature gave: stonemasonry and the manufacture of small wooden tools, especially spoons. Original wooden toys were also produced here, copies of which were collected at the Regional Museum in Myślenice.

The period of occupation

Fight resistance

During the German occupation, the village was the base of numerous partisan units of the Home Army, including of the "Pościg" branch, which was stationed near Kamiennik and - in November 1944 - the 20 pp AK "Żelbet" grouping in Kraków.

Two skirmishes with the Germans took place on September 12 and November 21, 1944. During the second of them, fought by the units of "Żelbetu", the estate of Gotówka, numbering 5 houses, burnt down. In the summer of 1944, a German transport plane Ju-52 crashed in the town. Fragments of the machine can be viewed at a permanent exhibition in a nearby PTTK Kudłacze hostel.